Saturday, October 14, 2017

New domain address:

Please note that we have changed the website address to New domain name will enable us to provide new functions to our service and bring more offers to our website. Stay tuned! And welcome again to Taobao Shopping World!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Buy from Taobao, China: a good taobao agent, Taobao FOCUS helps you save more!

Taobao beats Ebay China shortly after its appearance in 2005, it is now China's biggest shopping website and has more than 80% market share. It is such a great shopping website (cheap+great quality!) but not yet well known to foreigners because of the language constraints. If we buy from Taobao by using a good Taobao agent, for example Taobao FOCUS, we can finally enjoy shopping on Taobao, and with the big discount in international shipping provided by Taobao FOCUS, it is even much cheaper than buy from wholesale Chinese website!

Taobao FOCUS ( is a website dedicated to shopping on

We help international buyers to buy all kind of products on Taobao in English offered at an incredibly low price from China's biggest domestic online shopping platform. We even offer up to 60% off official price for Taobao international shipping - the biggest discount ever.

Our goal is to make our clients pay the smallest money and get the biggest satisfaction.

*NO minimum service fee + NO minimum orders + LOW service fee. We only charge a modest 10% of (item cost + domestic shipping), and that’s all. Enjoy shopping freely with Taobao FOCUS!

*The biggest discount ever in international shipping. Up to 60% discount for DHL (2 – 4 days) and 50% discount for EMS (5 – 7 days)

*Easy to order: no registration required. On Taobao FOCUS, you have all your freedom. You will find all necessary information in your personal email.

*The most complete Taobao categories in English. We provides the most complete Taobao categories and featured categories to help you spree on Taobao more easily.

*Multi-languages speaking service. We speak English, French, Russian and Chinese. In order to minimize misunderstanding and for convenience, you can communicate with us in your preferred language

*Less time difference. Our principal team is in Europe, so with us you probably share less time difference than with Chinese locals. You can contact us at your convenience and very possibly, we are always here to serve you.

*Secure online shopping. We use the most secure payment option by Paypal to ensure the security of transaction.

Check our tutorial How to order from Taobao.

Learn more at Taobao FOCUS website.